What would you say if I said I was the very best, like *no one* ever was?

Hey boys and girls!

So one of my favorite conventions (probably my absolute favorite convention) is AnimeNEXT in New Jersey. If you ever want to meet the coolest kids you’ll ever meet at a con, go to AnimeNEXT. Everyone who goes is awesome, the people running it are awesome- I only have the kindest and highest praise for all! ^_^

This year I went with my childhood best friend Charlotte. She cosplayed as Pepper from Snow Fairy Sugar and I cosplayed as Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket.

I *LOVE* Tohru. I had so much fun cosplaying as her, I only wish I did more events.

Someone was kind enough to put this up on youtube- Round 2 of the AnimeNEXT All Age Dating Game. For those of you who don’t know Fruits Basket, I’m bachelorette number 3 with the yellow ribbons in my hair ❤

((Side note: My first crush was Ash Ketchum. I know it’s cosplay, but my heart leaped when I saw it was him we were playing for ❤ And the girl who cosplayed Ash is such a sweetheart ❤ ))

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Enjoy and make sure to give love and comment/”like” the video so the person who recorded it gets hits!! ❤

xo Alanna


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Hi! I'm Alanna. I love video games, anime, cosplay, theater, music, reading, and strawberries. Wanna know more? Just ask
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