And that was all she wrote…


I’m not crying. But I do feel rather blue. Melancholy.

I met some AWESOME people tonight though! Will post a video later, after I eat some sesame noodles and decide if I want to sleep or edit it together.

((Knowing me it will be up in an hour or so… then again, it might be up Sunday… keep posted. ❤ haha))


Side note: Did anyone else feel rather awkward during the 19 years later scene? Other than Draco and Ron, I felt like they were kids playing dress up haha Enjoyed it either way. And I love the director’s choices, especially with the editing during the battles. ❤


About alannaplays

Hi! I'm Alanna. I love video games, anime, cosplay, theater, music, reading, and strawberries. Wanna know more? Just ask
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