Otakon 2011

Hello members of the nerd kingdom!

Otakon is almost here!! We will be posting cosplay and all sorts of goodies from it, of course, but slightly different than what you may think.

Lathya will be at Otakon, checking out all your amazing cosplay, talking to ye, and playing a shortened campaign of D&D whilst waiting online for events. Make sure to say hi! ((I’ll update you on her cosplay and how to look for her later.))

As for me, I will ((extremely begrudgingly)) be in San Fransisco for school this weekend. *extremely jealous and sad panda mode* T_T
HOWEVER, not all is lost! For San Fran has an otaku paradise: Japantown!

So, although it’s not Otakon, aaaand I’ll have to wait til next year to do my Kagome masquerade act, you lucky beasts get to experience both Otakon AND Japantown at the same time!

I know… I know… you’re welcome.

So be sure to tune in for Lathya’s coverage of Otakon and my whining that I’m not at Otakon coverage of Japantown!

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Alanna


About alannaplays

Hi! I'm Alanna. I love video games, anime, cosplay, theater, music, reading, and strawberries. Wanna know more? Just ask
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One Response to Otakon 2011

  1. kagura sohma says:

    dont worry, i dont get to go either. but i wish i knew about japantown wen i wuz in san fran…but im glad im not the only one that calls it san fran. no one else knows wut im talking bout wen i say that! lol

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