NYAF/ComicCon TL;DR Saturday edition!

Ugh, my head’s still reeling from Friday…

10:45- Rm 1A03- Bandai
Panel and Q&A for all things Bandai ((Haruhi, Tekken, Star Driver, K-ON! Gundam, etc))

11- anime stage- Conventions, Cosplay, Masquerades
Go!! Everything you need to know about performing/cosplay.

12- Rm 1A03- Sunrise
These are the people in charge of Code Geass, Cowboy BeBop, Tiger & Bunny, etc.

12:15- Seikai-Ichi Hatsukoi- Rm 1A18
I watched the series a few months ago- It’s amazing, esp if you enjoy yaoi.

12:30- anime stage- Uncle Yo and Mario Bueno
An hour of the inside jokes none of your school friends understand but you fine hysterical.

1:30- Hasbro Stage- Costume Contest
Go 1/2 hour before hand, no pre-reg required. First come, first served, 30 cosplayers in total.

1:30- Rm 1A24– Hatsune Miku!
Everything Hatsune Miku, hosted by Toshihiro Fukuoka and Masataka P.

2- anime stage- Fairy Tail Dating Game
Fairy Tail cosplayer dating game. Should be interesting.

2:45- Rm 1A24- Makoto Shinkai Spotlight
Q&A with Makoto Shinkai

3:30-anime stage- Anime Couseling: Blue Exorcist
Show for Blue Exorcist fans

3:30- Hasbro stage- Byakkokan Dojo
Japanese sword techniques

4- Rm 1A18- Star Driver
Shojo/mecha anime

5- Rm 1A22- Fairy Tail Panel
Just what it says

5:15- Rm 1E02- AMV Contest

7:30- Rm 1A23- CBLDF: Defending Manga
Canadian Customs arrested a manga fan after alleging that his fantasy and horror manga on his laptop was child porn. Learn more about this case and other ways manga is misunderstood and prosecuted at this panel.

8- IGN Theater- Masquerade

8:30- Rm 1B01- Tiger & Bunny screening
The PR Otaku Club watched this at our last meeting. It’s a show with a show about superheros, almost like a reality tv show.

9:15- American Airlines Theater Rm 1A06- DBZ in HD
See Vegeta whine about Goku all you want in HD.

That’s all for Saturday! ❤


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  1. Evan says:


    KIRA BOSHI! *>

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