TL;DR NYAF/ComicCon Schedule- Friday edition!

The program is as big as two GameInformers and, since it has more words than pictures, many of you won’t bother reading it.

SO! Presenting! The tl;dr NYAF/ComicCon program guide!

11am- Anime Stage- Unusual Manga Genres
Run by someone who is into manga and not superheroes, expect a nice break from the capes&tights discussing manga ranging from shojo/shonen to ones about Jesus and Buddha living as roommates.

12:30- Rm 1A18- Voices of a Distant Star
A special screening of a Makoto Shinkai film about a female pilot who keeps in touch with her Earthling boyfriend via txt while flying thru space. (30 min)

12:45- Hasbro Stage- Wand Dueling
Exactly what you think. Rejoice Potterheads!

1:15- Rm 1A22- Naruto Shippuden Panel
Junko Takuechi, voice of Naruto, takes questions. Cosplay from Naruto and get entered in a drawing to win a prize. ((Note it’s a room, not a stage. Yup, ComicCon and AnimeFest are 50/50, whatever helps you sleep…))

2pm- Anime Stage- Mythbusters: Anime Edition
Check it out- sounds awesome to us ^.^

2:45- Rm 1A24- Funimation Industry Panel
Find out what’s in store and what ‘You should be watching.’

3:30- Anime Stage- The State of Mecha
Like robots, tokusatsu, etc? Great, go!

4:30- Hasbro Stage- Star Wars Trivia!
Cause Himechan loves Star Wars! Hosted by Kevin Liell (Star Wars artist)

5- Anime Stage- Evangelion Deconstructed
Discuss and analyze the series. The panel will present a broad survey of what went into creating the series.

5:15- Rm 1A02- Anime Network Industry Panel
Latest news and things to expect from Anime Network and AnimeOnDemand.

6:30- Anime Stage- Lolita Fashion Panel
Goes into history and different styles of Lolita.

7:45- Rm 1A02- Steampunk 101
Learn more about Steampunk, hosted by G.D. Falksen. Giveaways!!

8- Rm 1A18- Naruto!
More Naruto Shippuden. Looks like a showing of sorts? If you’re a Narutard, check it out. If not, go get dinner. ((Pocky and ramune is not dinner…))

9- Rm 1A02- Steampunk in Comics and Lit
Learn about Steampunk in media.

9:30- American Airlines Theater 1A06- AMV Contest
Should be epic. Don’t forget to vote!

And that’s our Friday edition of TL;DR NYAF/ComicCon program!


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