The Anachronism: Dinosaurs

Last night at Webster Hall in NYC was the latest of The Anachronism events.  This time the theme was Dinosaurs.  Sadly, due to a camera with a dead battery and a cellphone that can’t take a good picture to save itself, I don’t have a pictures.  However, there were several people there taking photos themselves, so once I find some who has posted them I’ll let you know where you can see all the beastly costumes that were there.  It was a very difficult theme to work with, not many people were able to get or make a costume that had much to do with Dinosaurs, save for a few Dinosaur hunters.  Myself and one other girl were the only ones dressed as actual Dinosaurs.  Unfortunately, even though I worked really hard on my costume, I didn’t win the costume contest…again.  But, there is always next time.  I can’t wait for the next theme to be announced so I can get started.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about.  The Anachronism is an event that takes place every few months in the city.  It’s hosted by A Count Named Slick-Brass who is accompanied by Crew of the A.S.S. Titilus, who are all some very funny and very entertaining people.  If you ever get to go to an event where they are then you are sure to have a blast, and if you would like to see more about them then please visit their facebook page at  There are also several great bands that play.  This time I was able to see Frenchy and the Punk as well as Psyche Corporation.  I was late, so I missed some of the other bands that were there.  Also, there are at least two stages that have performances going on simultaneously, so it’s impossible for any one person to see everything every time.  But what I wouldn’t give to do just that.  Another two of the events I got to see, that I thought were amazing was the Geek Girl Productions Burlesque show, which is so much fun and very sexy.  Then there was an amazing Fire Dancer well armed with many interesting tools and toys to thrill the audience.

All in all it was absolutely a wonderful night, and if you live in the area get to the next event.  Even if you don’t live in the area, plan a trip to New York the next time an event is going on.  If you want to know more, or just want to find out when the next event is going to be, check The Anachronism out on or click here to go to their facebook.

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I'm a huge Otaku! I love anime, but I prefer manga to anime. However I have a *need* to own all the manga I read, but with anime I don't mind watching it online. I buy box sets of my favorites. So, needless to say, I'm almost always bordering on broke to feed my obsession. I've been into cosplay for a while, but am full embracing my long time growing Steampunk obsession. I love reading fantasy stories, my favorite authors are Brom and Oscar Wilde. I do a lot of my own writing as well. Mostly short stories and poems, but I have a few ideas in the works for a couple of novels. I just need to get my ass in gear and write them, not just outlines of them.
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