Check out this awesome site –

While surfing the net as I do most mornings (oh, it’s afternoon already? oops) afternoons, I stumbled upon this brilliant site full of awesome cosplay, gaming pages, and all around things relative to my interests.

Considering these interests are shared among my lovely and beautiful kingdom of Otaku (you guys), I’d thought I’d share ^.^

The best thing is there’s a lot of original content. They don’t recycle what every other website is putting up. I like their style, it reminds me of what we’re trying to do here at RoyalNerd.

Visit the site and give them some love!

xo Himechan


About alannaplays

Hi! I'm Alanna. I love video games, anime, cosplay, theater, music, reading, and strawberries. Wanna know more? Just ask
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