Wig by Tawnies Cosplay N Costume

Now, The wig I wore for Kotoricon was my first time wearing a wig for a con. I was really worried about making a wig for Janine since it really looked like it would be hard (no bangs and – is that a ponytail or spiked up hair in a headband?). I had no idea where too look or where to start.

Fortunately, at Gobblecon, I met Tawnie. I messaged her when I got home and we discussed what I wanted for the wig (such as how realistic I wanted it).

Tawnie worked really hard to make sure she could stay in my budget. After telling her how much I wanted to spend, she looked for a very nice quality wig she could use under that price. She was also willing to drop the wig off with one of my friends that lived by her (so that I wouldn’t have to pay S&H)!

She also worked on remarkably fast on the wig since I needed it in a month and this ran into her finals week.  (I really suggest you don’t do that to her though. Please allow for more time) but the wig came out great and even held up throughout the masquerade.

So thank you very much, Tawnie, and I suggest everyone else check her out at http://www.tawniescosplayncostume.com/ .


About Hex

First thing to know about me is that I never know what to say about myself ._. . The second thing is that I love anime, video games, cosplay, martial arts, reading, writing, and drawing.
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