Dampierre – The Trickster of SCV naturally voiced by Vic Mignogna

If you pre-ordered Soul Calibur V at Best Buy, you were lucky enough to get a code to unlock the hilarious and mischievous Lord Geo Dampierre.

Voiced by Vic Mignogna, the character is extremely difficult but rewarding to use. He is a con-artist extraordinaire, falling down after attacks to make it seem like he was the one who was injured. He also carries two concealed punching daggers that stab your opponent a second after they believe they were simply being punched.

His range is very short so mastering his moves can be very frustrating at first, since he can easily be hit by his rival. However, once you can swiftly swing between the fighter’s legs and kick them up in the air via their rear (and with some characters, where the sun don’t shine), Dampierre easily becomes the character of choice.

For those of us who pre-ordered at Gamestop and got our Ivy bobbleheads instead, try going on amazon or ebay for the code to unlock him. It’s literally a code that tells the game you can play with him- he’s already programmed in, as you can tell from the empty box that’s probably frustrating the hell out of OCD players who like unlocking everything.

Mignogna does a great job as the character. Dampierre’s little tidbits and cackles make you want to strangle him while you’re trying to stomp on him as he rolls around laughing on the floor.

I definitely suggest playing in training mode to master the moves before using him over Live/PS3 network. It’s difficult to learn anything when Nightmare is whacking you out of the ring with a huge sword every 2 seconds because Dampierre doesn’t feel like standing. ((Did I mention he enjoys throwing *himself* out of the ring from time to time? Effing troll…))

TLDR: Dampierre is worth unlocking and mastering to play in Soul Calibur V. However, prepared to be frustrated -He *is* the “Century’s Greatest Con-Man.”


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