Valentine’s Day is Tomorrow, Boys. ((You’re welcome for the reminder))

Valentines Day is the one day a year that boys have to be the perfect shoujo stereotype or they suffer no fun for *insert in how angry the girl is here*.

At RoyalNerd, we celebrate Valentines Day and White Day, as they do in Japan. Valentines is a day for girls to give presents to the boys they like (honmei choco) and the boys who expect them to give them presents, like co-workers (giri choco).

Then White Day, March 14th, the boys give presents back to the girls (they like) that gave them chocolate on Valentines Day. Rule is the present has to be THREE TIMES more expensive than the girl’s present to him on Valentines Day. We can wait a month to be showered with video games and anime and chocolates. So we celebrate White Day.

But for all you poor saps that have someone you need to impress on Valentines Day (read: tomorrow), we came up with a list of things that any otaku girl would like that you can get quickly.

NOTE: If your girl isn’t an otaku, you just wish she was, these presents will probably just anger her. Read first sentence to see why you don’t wanna anger a girl on Valentines Day. *kowai*

1. PINK Nintendo 3DS ($$$)

Just in time for Valentines Day, Nintendo released a PINK 3DS that comes packaged with Nintendogs. Now, I have a personal vendetta against Nintendogs but most girls love cute, cuddly things and the dogs are definitely that… you know.. virtually…

Gamestop sells it for $169.99. Go get your nerdy gamer girl something pretty.

2. A Cute Mouse ($$)

We like this one. Nerdy girls spend a lot of time on their computers and laptops, especially if they write fanfic or watch anime online. Not to mention gaming!

Upgrade her mouse to something sweet and cute! And since you’re a nerd, you know which ones will best suit her needs, so it’s not a waste.

Usually these run from $14 -$25, though if you get a really awesome one it can run much more. But you guys already know this…

3. Pocky ($)

So you don’t have the slightest clue what to get her, you don’t have any money, and you figure, eh chocolate. It’s what everyone else does. Show that you care a modicum and get her a box of Pocky or Hello Panda instead of a regular box of chocolates.

It shows you pay attention, that you know she likes Japanese candy, and it’s yummy, so she can’t be too upset. However, you’re the one only spending $3.99 at your local farmer’s market on something she probably stocks up on herself, so don’t expect to be rewarded immensely.

4. Cosplay (FREE)

It’s a well known fact that otaku girls love fantasy. They dress up as anime characters, write fan fiction, play D&D, and kiss plushies while reciting the dialogue to their favourite episodes. (only me? oh…)

You most likely already have the cosplay. So pick her favourite bishie, dress up, and act like him. Just pretend you’re at a convention except she’s allowed to glomp you as much as she pleases. Bonus points if you whisper the girl character’s name in her ear.
Ex: Show up in a red haori and hakama with a white wig and dog ears and call her Kagome. See what happens.

If your acting’s on par, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reward of this. Just make sure your seams are nice and tight and that you care more about the *reward* than the possibility of your cosplay being ripped…. if you catch my drift…


Consider this our Valentines Day present to all of you ❤ Remember us on White Day! xo

Love from RoyalNerd ❤


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Hi! I'm Alanna. I love video games, anime, cosplay, theater, music, reading, and strawberries. Wanna know more? Just ask
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3 Responses to Valentine’s Day is Tomorrow, Boys. ((You’re welcome for the reminder))

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  2. Christa says:

    Fun stufff! I think! Arigato

  3. GoodbyeNavi says:

    I’m sure some guys in the US would love this way of celebrating Valentine’s Day!

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