Pokemon Black 2 and White 2?

That’s right! Instead of the usual 3rd game that the Pokemon series usually makes, Pokemon BW will be getting sequels! According to IGN, the game will be released in Japan in June and in Europe and North America sometime during the fall.

The best part? It’s for the DS, which means that people like me who have yet to give into the 3D-craze can still play it!

I, for one, am super excited! I could care less about what happens to Ghetsis but I know I want to find N and learn about the secret to the Abyssal Ruins!

For more information, check out:


http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/b2w2/ (Japanese)




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First thing to know about me is that I never know what to say about myself ._. . The second thing is that I love anime, video games, cosplay, martial arts, reading, writing, and drawing.
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