Ranma 1/2 Live Action Review!

Today is a Ranma 1/2 day at RoyalNerd! I guess we’re still not over MangaNEXT.

Shampoo (Lathya) and Akane Tendo (Himechan) at MangaNEXT 2012

A big thank you to DJ Ranma for sending us subs for the Ranma 1/2 live action!

Yes it was ridiculous but it was adorable! Everyone who we spoke to had some complaint about it and I see exactly where they are coming from. The first 30 minutes is so ridiculous that its almost uncomfortable BUT if you remember the actual anime/manga is kinda fits rather nicely…

The story arc is different than the Ranma 1/2 we know and love but all the important stuff is still there. Its almost like a really good (but ridiculous and goofy) fanfiction. Let me repeat myself: It is ridiculous. Outlandish. Silly. But all in a good way.

P-Chan does not appreciate being left out.

It follows Ranma, cursed by the springs, turns into a girl and his fiance Akane, tomboy destined to run the family dojo. The other fiances are left out, as well as our beloved P-chan, but it works. It feels kinda like the 4th InuYasha movie; the characters and relationships are the same (except Nabiki really likes pandas for some reason. Kawaii desu, ne?) but the plot deviates from canon.

Long story short (not wanting to ruin anything), the Vice Principal of the school is a Drag Queen who wants the Tendo family spring (located conveniently in the school girls’ locker room) for himself. The spring turns anything that touches its water into a man, thus very useful for poor gender-bending Ranma.

The love that Akane and Ranma have for each other is very evident and very true to the manga. Yui Aragaki as Akane Tendo and Kento Kaku as male Ranma make an excellent team. Natsuna as female Ranma is also brilliant in her role. Kaku is especially delightful because he does the stunts, has the actual strength to do things like hold a handstand with his fists, portrays Ranma exactly as I imagined him from the series, AND is a good actor. Usually, as with The Last Air Bender, a choice is made between acting and martial arts. I’m very pleased they found someone who could do both.

Natsuna is adorable as female Ranma and her chemistry with Aragaki works well. The other actors do justice to their characters too, especially Maki Nishiyama as Nabiki. Now, I know, Nabiki owning/running/Lord knows a burlesque feeling nightclub isn’t canon. BUT if Nabiki *were* to actually work a day in her life, doesn’t a nightclub suit her? It didn’t bother me much, nor did her love of pandas. Yay suspension of disbelief!

The antics of the anime were translated nicely once you get into the groove of it. (Like I said, the first 30 minutes are weird.) If you’ve ever watched the live action of Ouran Host Club- I feel the anime aspects were better translated in Ranma 1/2. Maybe its because it was action/fighting elements as opposed to those shoujo screenshots of Tamaki but it didn’t feel as fake. It worked.

Ranma 1/2 live action is a must see for Ranma fans. The complaints people had didn’t bother me at all and I really enjoyed it once, like I said, I got used to the style. I would definitely watch more.

Oh, and Kento Kaku? You earned yourself a new fangirl. ❤

One day I'll do a live action film with him. Mark my words.

xo Hime


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2 Responses to Ranma 1/2 Live Action Review!

  1. yo says:

    i really enjoyed the live action too. i was kinda annoyed later in the manga at the lack of ranma/akane moments and cuteness, i mean i love her humor but up to a point it feels so forced like rumiko was intentionally preventing them from going deeper with their relationship. the movie had a lot of cuteness so it satisfied my ranma/akane otp feels. all the cast was great, akane’s dad’s facial expressions were hilarious, and i love its sheer ridiculousness.

  2. chime gochan says:

    I saw the live action just today, and I super love it! I find Kento Kaku charming and handsome.

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