I Love This Show: The Justice League

As much as I love anime, every now and again I like to look elsewhere for some good shows.  One of my favorite non-Japanese anime shows is The Justice League.

Now, I’ve never been completely into American comics, but that doesn’t mean they never interested me.  Reading the comics series for all the Justice League heros is just very intimidating.  Batman alone has several different series, never mind Superman,Wonder Woman, and the rest.  The Justice League series was great for me because it let me see the characters and learn about them and be able to enjoy them.

I first watched the series on Toonami (part of Cartoon Network) years ago, and recently decided to stop watching all the other shows I was watching just so I could rewatch this one.  I don’t regret it for an instant… even if I do have about ten half-watched series of anime screaming for my attention.

Although I would have loved for the series to have at least one more season (I really want to know what happens with Lex Luthor and Darkseid!!!) I would happily re-watch the series a hundred times, even if only to laugh at The Flash’s stupid jokes and just enjoy Batman being….well, Batman.  I think I may have to now watch Batman Beyond again to quench my super hero craving.

Ja mata
– Lathya


About lathya

I'm a huge Otaku! I love anime, but I prefer manga to anime. However I have a *need* to own all the manga I read, but with anime I don't mind watching it online. I buy box sets of my favorites. So, needless to say, I'm almost always bordering on broke to feed my obsession. I've been into cosplay for a while, but am full embracing my long time growing Steampunk obsession. I love reading fantasy stories, my favorite authors are Brom and Oscar Wilde. I do a lot of my own writing as well. Mostly short stories and poems, but I have a few ideas in the works for a couple of novels. I just need to get my ass in gear and write them, not just outlines of them.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    wtf weres the new wwtpvg?

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