Clannad AMV

I stumbled upon this really well-done video and thought I’d share it with all of you.

(Warning: Do not watch if sad Anime “destroys” you. There are spoilers and the clips and effects done with this video are so powerful, you remember the feelings you got watching Clannad the first time!)

Enjoy this video? Credit goes to . ^_^


About Hex

First thing to know about me is that I never know what to say about myself ._. . The second thing is that I love anime, video games, cosplay, martial arts, reading, writing, and drawing.
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5 Responses to Clannad AMV

  1. i actually just finished Toradora this morning lol and Angel Beats is actually one of my all time favorite animes my soul your beats is my all time favorite opening and i have all of Girls Dead Monster songs. Have you ever seen Air or Kannon those are real tear jerkers. Sad anime like Clannad is my all time favorite Genre

  2. I’ve watched the anime twice and this video still made me tear up a little bit. I love this anime and i LOVE sad anime’s if you have any suggestions please let me know

    • Hex says:

      Yay! Another sad anime lover! Depending how sad you want it, “Toradora” is great. But if you want something that will have you bawling, there’s this anime I love with a really long title that you can find by typing “Ano Hana.” Also, I just finished watching “Angel Beats!” which Lathya suggested. It’s amazing and really sad too…

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