The Anachronism 4.5: Dracula Meets The Clockwork Man

Last night was easily one of the greatest nights of my life!  It was the latest Anachronism event, this time the event was to support Gil, the artist director for these events.  Lots of people turned out to help and be simultaneously entertained by some of the best Gothic and Steampunk bands.  Psyche Corporation, Platform One and (one of my absolute favorite musicians of all time) Voltaire.

I’ve been listening to Voltaire for years!  I was so excited, and I even got to meet him for a moment after the show, of course I was too star struck to say anything more than, “I’m a big fan” and then mentally beat mt brains in.  ;_;  Ce la vie, I will survive to listen to his music another day.   He puts on such a great show.  Oh, and if your a fan (as if you wouldn’t be, haha.) go check out his youtube page: The Lair of Voltaire.

Naturally the rest of the show was just as amazing as ever.  Hosted, once again, by the ever charming A Count Named Slick-Brass and the Crew of the A.S.S. Titilus. They were in a new location this time, Drom (on Avenue A).  Webster Hall was great, but this new place just feels so much better for the convention.  All of the bands were great, and I even got a balloon animal from a burlesque necrophiliac clown, it’s a puppy and I named it Yip Yip (after the Yip Yip martins from Sesame Street).  She also spat an eye ball into the crowd and it rolled right to my feet, so I figured what the hell, and I got an eye ball to.  Woot!  She was from Little Miss Rollerhoops & The Crazy Cabaret, they were all wonderful burlesque dancers and belly dancers!

Oh the amazing things that happen at The Anachronism.  Of course there were many other amazing performers, the whole night was one amazing performance followed by another.  As usual, I can’t wait for the next one.

Ja mata



About lathya

I'm a huge Otaku! I love anime, but I prefer manga to anime. However I have a *need* to own all the manga I read, but with anime I don't mind watching it online. I buy box sets of my favorites. So, needless to say, I'm almost always bordering on broke to feed my obsession. I've been into cosplay for a while, but am full embracing my long time growing Steampunk obsession. I love reading fantasy stories, my favorite authors are Brom and Oscar Wilde. I do a lot of my own writing as well. Mostly short stories and poems, but I have a few ideas in the works for a couple of novels. I just need to get my ass in gear and write them, not just outlines of them.
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