More Details on Pokemon B2W2

While the details about certain other sequels ended up being inconclusive, I stumbled upon more information about the sequel to Pokemon BW.

This game takes place 2 years after the events of the prior games and you play as someone different who lives in a different town. It’s still Unova, but a few changes have been made (ex: new towns) due to some incident.

There will also be some different gym leaders. One of the new revealed gym leaders is a poison type (which is awesome, by the way), although the other is a water type user which makes me wonder if something happened to to Striaton Trio (Could my headcanon about them be true?). Whether this means more badges to get or a whole new set of gym leaders, we don’t know yet.

All I hope for is that this isn’t a totally new game disguised as a sequel. I want to see the old characters again since I really grew attached to all of them.

We shall get our answers when the game is released in Japan on June 23, and later here, in the Fall!

For more information, please check out:

Edit: Still curious about it? You can find a trailer here:


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