I Love This Show: Rozen Maiden

The day this anime because available to watch from Anime On Demand I was *so* happy.  I had been wanting to watch it for a years before I saw it.  I read the manga series as it was coming out and I died a little when it ended before it was over.

I love the relationship between Shinku and Jun.  It’s a hoot!  Yes, I said “hoot”.  Shinku, and for that matter, all of the Rozen Maiden dolls are just so adorably stuck up.  It’s fun to watch them act all high and mighty and then need to get help opening the door or something of the like.

Jun’s life is obviously far from satisfying at the start of the series.  And when Shinku, and soon the rest of the Rozen Maiden dolls, are drawn to him then his life makes a quick 180 in the other direction.  Much to the pleasure of Jun’s older sister, Nori.

Also, the soundtrack is absolutely amazing!  I could listen to the opening theme, closing theme and battle themes over and over again for an eternity.   “The Forbidden Game” by Ali Project is my personal favorite, but it’s all so good!

As much as I do love the series, I find it a real shame that my favorite character acts as the major villain.  ;_;  Poor Suigintou.


About lathya

I'm a huge Otaku! I love anime, but I prefer manga to anime. However I have a *need* to own all the manga I read, but with anime I don't mind watching it online. I buy box sets of my favorites. So, needless to say, I'm almost always bordering on broke to feed my obsession. I've been into cosplay for a while, but am full embracing my long time growing Steampunk obsession. I love reading fantasy stories, my favorite authors are Brom and Oscar Wilde. I do a lot of my own writing as well. Mostly short stories and poems, but I have a few ideas in the works for a couple of novels. I just need to get my ass in gear and write them, not just outlines of them.
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