Himechan’s excited for Nintendo’s E3 Conference

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Disclaimer: As you all know, I’m a big Nintendo fangirl and therefore, may be biased. I don’t care ❤ I AM SO EXCITED!

What I love about Nintendo is that they incorporate themselves into every day life. When I turned on my 360 its because I want to play video games; my Nintendo products have always been a part of my daily life, beyond entertainment.

Nintendo shapes the gaming industry. The Wii came out after a decade of similar basic controllers and consoles. Whether or not you liked it was one thing- point is, it was new and helped pave the way for my beloved Kinect and that magic wand thing Sony has.

Nintendo released a pre-E3 conference discussing what the WiiU has developed into and what to look forward to during their E3 conference. You can watch it here.

Here’s a recap:
The WiiU developers noticed the trend of…

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