I Love This Show: Ouran High School Host Club

Hey everybody!  Did you miss me?  I missed you too.  I had a great time in India, but now I’m back and ready to get back to work, and here we go.


This anime easily became one of my all-time favorites as soon as I began watching it.  Once again, this is an anime that Himechan suggested to me, so I’ll have to thank her once again.  Thank you Himechan!

In this anime Haruhi accidentally breaks an expensive vase belonging to the very rich school’s very rich Host Club.  In order to pay them back she has to work for them, by pretending to be a boy and becoming a host.

One thing I really love about Ouran is all the character’s different reactions to everything.  Like Haruhi when she has to explain to all the rich boys in the Host Club that there are such things as small inflatable pools, and they just think she’s so poor that she doesn’t realize that it’s a raft.  Oh, and the Host Club’s reaction to instant coffee!  Oh my the instant coffee!  But the best reactions easily come from Tamaki, the lead of the Host Club.  His flamboyant exuberance over everything, especially poor little Haruhi, never gets old.

Oh my goodness, and the twins!  The twins!  *drools*  I love the twins!  They are so funny, and kind of spoiled, and they’re great.  Just absolutely perfect, like Mary Poppins perfect only twice!

Sadly this is another anime that ends before the manga series has ended.  Oh what I wouldn’t give for a miracle to happen that would cause all the different anime production companies to pick up all their unfinished series and complete them.

I guess while I’m on the subject of wishes, if I were at The Ouran High School Host Club and I got to select my host, I would go with Kyoya.  He’s my favorite.

Ja mata



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I'm a huge Otaku! I love anime, but I prefer manga to anime. However I have a *need* to own all the manga I read, but with anime I don't mind watching it online. I buy box sets of my favorites. So, needless to say, I'm almost always bordering on broke to feed my obsession. I've been into cosplay for a while, but am full embracing my long time growing Steampunk obsession. I love reading fantasy stories, my favorite authors are Brom and Oscar Wilde. I do a lot of my own writing as well. Mostly short stories and poems, but I have a few ideas in the works for a couple of novels. I just need to get my ass in gear and write them, not just outlines of them.
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