More Pokemon Black 2/White 2 Information

At first I was really nervous about what was going to happen in the sequel. However, with all the new information released (and the promotional video from last month), I seriously can’t contain my excitement! I’m not going to give away everything, since there’s a lot to take in, but I will share some things have have gotten me really eager about these games.

The Gym Leaders: There are quite a few that have returned, and some who haven’t to their positions. Showing up in their old roles are Burgh, Clay, Skyla, Drayden, and Elesa (in a totally new and stylish outfit!). There are also some new gym leaders, such as Homika, Shizui, and Cheren (rival-turned-gym-leader? Where else has this happened?). Of course, this means some leaders are not back. However, Lenora, Brycen, and Iris have been confirmed to return, certain ones rumored to have very exciting roles. As for the Striaton Trio? No word of them yet… I’m still holding onto my theory about them, but we’ll have to see…

Oh and another awesome point about the gym leaders? Most of them will have their own music in their gyms! I’ve heard Burgh’s new music already and it’s pretty interesting and Homika’s… Can I just say there are vocals? It’s a silly little song but as someone who refused to leave Village Bridge because of its vocals, I’m thrilled!

Pokemon: While the old Unova was all new Pokemon, the new Unova will have a lot (although not all) of Pokemon from the past generations. This will include some legendaries. I’m not too sure how they will be incorporated, but seeing how they have pulled a lot of the stops for this game, I can’t wait to see. Oh and speaking of legendaries, a lot of the Unova ones will have second forms, which I’m interested to see!

World Tournament: A lot of the gym leaders and champions we’ve grown up with in prior games will be there, ready for battle. There seems to be a lot more characters from Kanto revealed than from any other region, but there’s a rumor that possibly everyone will be there.

Join Avenue: There is this street that will become more and more loaded with people and shops based on Streetpasses, and interaction with other players. This game will work on the regular DS, but just for the sake of getting the shops, I may actually trade in my DS for the *gasp* 3DS!

And, I’m seriously not even done yet! For more information, check out:

To see the promotional video (in case you haven’t yet), check out:

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