I Love This Show: Legend of Korra

OK, originally I was going to wait to do this until all of Korra was finished, but I finally caught up to the end of the season finale and was like, “this was AWESOME!  I can’t wait!”  So I’m doing one now.

So, yeah, I’m a little behind, but hey, I had stuff to do.  Like getting caught up with my life on this side of the planet, and procrastinating.  Lots of procrastinating.  It’s very important.

Korra is so amazingly badass, I love her.  Despite the obvious differences between Aang and Korra, I can see some similarities.  The biggest being that they both just want to go out and have fun in the world with their bending, and that they feel that they need to help protect as many people as they can.  Whenever people say that they are so different from each other I always have to disagree, although their approach to bending is different.

I loved all the love triangle stuff in this one!  You kind of knew how it was going to end, but it was more realistic to the way teenagers are.  I’m anxious to see Asami and Korra’s relationship in season two.

Actually there are a lot of things I’m anxious for in season two!  What happened to Asami’s dad?  Will he and Asami make up? (I think so, although it might be a while)  Who’s going to cause the next conflict?  O_o  Maybe the new enemy will be Asami’s dad?  That would be fairly awesome.  Also, will they ever tell us what happened to Zuko’s mom!?!  Seriously, this has been killing me slowly for to long.

Speaking of Zuko, did anyone else do a double take when Zuko’s grandson, General Iroh, showed up.  I knew he was coming, but then the voice!  That was Zuko’s voice.  Not just the same voice actor, the exact same voice.  I think I fangirled for a moment.

The only complaint I had about the series, and it’s not even something that was directly part of the series.  It was Nickelodeon, and everyone else, asking if we could guess who Amon was.  Did you get it, because I sure as hell didn’t.  My original theory was: Remember when Zuko was traveling on his own for a while, and he stayed at the farm where there was a young boy.  Zuko started to talk to him and he got close to him, even gave the boy the knife that Iroh gave him as a gift.  Then as Zuko was leaving, Jet attacked and Zuko had to use his fire-bending, and the boy felt all betrayed.  After Amon’s first speech, I thought that the boy was Amon.  I was so proud of my theory.  But no, Amon was some guy no body knew existed until he was revealed as Amon.  RAWR!  But that’s not the writers fault, that was bad advertising.  Still annoying though.

I’ve also decided that if Korra is the reincarnation of Aang, then Bolin is the reincarnation of Sokka, and Lin Beifong is the reincarnation of Kamina.

Ja mata


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2 Responses to I Love This Show: Legend of Korra

  1. I agree with some points but I think Korra would have been so much better without the whole love triangle garbage. They spent a whole episode going on dates. That’s not how you ship people- the scene in the finale where Mako leans in and almost kisses Korra and she doesn’t notice, that’s whole it should have been. That weird awkward tension between characters is what makes love triangles and love in cartoons so awesome. Not this stupid immature BS.

    • lathya says:

      That’s part of the reason why I like the way they did it. That’s how teenagers act. Despite what’s going on in their lives they still are immature and almost always think about dating.

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