We Stand in Love for All Affected by the Colorado Shootings

It is extremely difficult to type. I wish today was just a review of the movie, like we planned. But I want to support everyone affected.

That includes you. That includes us. The shooting happened during the midnight release of The Dark Knight Rises. The victims are members of our community. Fans of scifi, comics, nerdom… Even those who just grew up with Batman. The Colorado audience was of all ages- the youngest victim treated only a few months old.

For the USA Today report, click here.

We stand in love for all affected. We are deeply saddened and horrified.
Give your thoughts in the comments below. Together, as a community, we’ll get through this.

The following is all my personal opinion and does not reflect anyone but me.

Something that adds a bitter taste in my mouth is that the gunman, named as 24 year old James Eagan Holmes, was dressed as a SWAT member. He was borderline cosplaying. It’s a betrayal and abusive use of something I hold very dear. I wonder if he felt like he was just being The Joker in a room full of people who idolize Batman?

As much as we love our characters and love to become them, this man is beyond mentally ill. His apartment is rigged with chemicals and explosives. Seeing his smiling published photograph makes me nauseous.

It seems painfully ironic that Batman brings to justice horrible monsters such as him. That if the Batman on the screen was as real as this disgusting, horrible creature maybe something could have been done. It’s very unfair. There’s nothing that anyone in the theater could have done to stop this. I hope that news groups don’t start dribbling out that its the movie’s fault either. Saying that movies such as Batman enable things like this. Because they don’t. Plus, in superhero movies, the good guy wins. Might take him a while, but good always triumphs. That’s the equation. I’m so very, very, deeply sorry that this equation isn’t always the truth in real life.

To everyone affected: I love you. I’m so, so, so, so stunned and sorry. I wish I was more articulate to express just what’s playing in my mind. Please know, I love you.


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One Response to We Stand in Love for All Affected by the Colorado Shootings

  1. Jessica Ghawi Alex Sullivan Micayla Medek Matt McQuinn Veronica Moser Alexander Teves Rebecca Wingo John Blunk AJ Boik Jesse Childress Gordon Cowden John Larimer
    didn’t deserve to die they just wanted to watch a movie but their lives was cut short by this cold hearted coward, I agree with you Alanna that it’s abusive and a betrayal for this coward to be cosplaying as “The Joker” when justice is serve the victims can finally rest in piece.

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